We Believe in True Self-Expression 

  We believe that fashion is more than just a show. It can be something that hides the real you or shows the confidence you have in yourself. We want to help you gain the confidence to express yourself through our brand. To Be Yourself and tell your truth to the world. Our clothing is urban fashion-based with unique streetwear but we hope to bridge the gap between cultures with our clothing in the near future. To bring change and make a difference in the fashion world and beyond, to make it really okay to be you and Wear your truth.

 We understand that social media sets standards that can make one feel insignificant which can cause one’s self-esteem to plummet. This is why we created this brand, not everyone feels comfortable dressing in specific ways. So we to become “that” fashion brand that also remembers in-betweens. Those who like reserved clothing but still want it to be unique and eyecatching. Clothing for the days when you want to be comfy and still look great. We want to give you that determination to keep going and value your worth without having to fit social norms. Our hope is that when you wear our clothing you will remember your true value and know that you can achieve anything and have something to offer. Being yourself is an unstoppable force. Express the true inner you. True self-expression.

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Be True to you!


Tell A Truth Designs a brand about self expression        BY: Tell A Truth Designs